Andrew Y. San Francisco

I strongly recommend Angela and ACtutoring for Mandarin tutoring for both adults and children. In particular, what sets the ACtutoring approach apart is their emphasis on correct pronunciation and conversational fluidity. These skills cannot be easily learned in a group class or through self-study, and learning them incorrectly will forever handicap you or your children with poor spoken Mandarin. Even if you are considering or already taking other classes, you should include ACtutoring in your Mandarin education program.

Ruth P, Palo Alto

I have two demanding daughters aged 5 and 7 who needed extra help with their mandarin. We had great success with AC tutoring and my elder daughters teacher said she'd never seen a student improve so quickly. AC tutoring were very flexible in organising times that fitted in with the school schedule and term dates, I would highly recommend them.

Erike De Monte, Milbrae

I grew up speaking Italian and always loved being able to switch between languages. When I was ready to learn another language, I decided learning Mandarin would be the best choice given how many people in the world speak it and the current geopolitical climate. I chose AC Tutoring due to their catered lessons and their flexibility. I get to choose the schedule that works best for me and my lessons are slowed down or sped up based on my individual performance. I live in the peninsula and my tutor and I coordinate each week to meet either at a cafe of at a library depending on the content of the lesson. Should I have spikes in work or travel, my tutor and I build this into our lesson plan. After 1 year, I took a trip to China in which I felt very comfortable navigating alone and making every day conversation with locals. Highly recommended for someone looking to learn the language but who needs more flexibility as compared to a structured, weekly class.

Jules L, San Francisco

As a language education professional myself, I have exceedingly high standards when it comes to choosing a language tutor. After my first lesson with Angela, I knew that I had struck gold.

Some standout qualities:
-She is incredibly attentive and 110% engaged for the duration of each session
-She uses a great textbook and a method that gets you *communicating* in Mandarin right away instead of just learning how to speak in theory
-She gives very consistent feedback and holds you to high standards, which is paramount to form good habits when learning a foreign language
-She's easy to get along with and very understanding

In sum, I give Angela my highest recommendation! Just be prepared--learning Mandarin is no small undertaking.

Markus t., Potrero Hill

If you are looking for tutor to learn (or improve) Mandarin, I highly recommend ACtutoring! My kids (5 and 7 years old) have seen a tutor from ACtutoring for almost 18 months now. Their Mandarin skills have improved a lot - from not being able to speak and understand Mandarin at all, to counting, singing songs, basic sentences, and comprehension. Most importantly though, they love their tutor! The lessons are always a highlight of the week. What I really like about ACtutoring is their flexibility: not only are they very accommodating to our personal schedule, they also cater lessons to the students' preferences. For instance, my kids love arts & crafts, and the Mandarin lessons incorporate that.

Jeff Miller, San Francisco

I have been learning Mandarin for about 1.5 years. During that time I have gone through many teachers trying to find the right match. Some weren't as engaged to teaching as I would like, some had teaching practices that weren't good for my style of learning, others did not have the patience I needed. Angela is the most patient, positive and engaged teacher I have met and I really enjoy my classes with her. Angela always gives positive reinforcement and encouragement, is very energetic and caring. She patiently answers all of my questions and will spend time getting my pronunciation right no matter how long it takes. Most importantly she pushes me to converse in Mandarin frequently, a quality that I have found rare in other teachers. This is extra important to me for helping my confidence using it outside of class. I highly recommend her as a teacher for anyone learning Mandarin”


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