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I myself have been trained to teach Mandarin via the performed culture approach. This approach moved away from the traditional textbook approach where the focus of learning is based on the amount of characters the students can read and write.  Performed culture approach trains the students to speak the language in the real world with in-class scenario simulations, role playing, and tone corrections.  It has been proven that the students feel more comfortable when interacting with native speakers and have more confidence to initiate conversations after attending this class.

Many of our students have proven to become conversational after 2-3 years of consistent private tutoring sessions. Many of them have tried studying themselves, apps, class sessions, and none worked until they have experienced the performed culture approach. We would love to help you finally learn to speak and interact in Mandarin.

I have a strong belief that all it takes is the right approach to help the students to develop their interest and passion for learning Mandarin. I’ve helped many students in the past become conversational from scratch, and I’m looking forward to helping more students find their passion in learning and giving them the confidence to succeed in this journey.

We currently are fully booked with adult lessons, more teachers will become available starting from mid-July. If you are ready to get started with performed culture approach, please fill out this form to be added to the waitlist. We will notify you as soon as a teacher is available in your area.

We currently have open spots available for children (Aged between 6-18). Please book a call here for us to match you with a tutor that fits your child’s preferred teaching style and levels.  

Call us at 909-718-9972 or book online below.