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We have awesome Mandarin tutors across the Bay Area! Find one that's close to you and fits your schedule perfectly!

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San Francisco, Daly City, Oakland, Berkeley

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“"I have been learning Mandarin for about 1.5 years. During that time I have gone through many teachers trying to find the right match. Some weren't as engaged to teaching as I would like, some had teaching practices that weren't good for my style of learning, others did not have the patience I needed. Angela is the most patient, positive and engaged teacher I have met and I really enjoy my classes with her. Angela always gives positive reinforcement and encouragement, is very energetic and caring. She patiently answers all of my questions and will spend time getting my pronunciation right no matter how long it takes. Most importantly she pushes me to converse in Mandarin frequently, a quality that I have found rare in other teachers. This is extra important to me for helping my confidence using it outside of class. I highly recommend her as a teacher for anyone learning Mandarin.s.”

~Jeff Miller, San Francisco


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